badiff: site

fast and throroughly parallelized byte-level diffing library written in pure java. provides a base implementation of a famous O(ND) algorithm as well as a version optimized to produce diffs that are optimally run-length-encoded (which badiff diffs are). find it on maven central.

eviline: site

falling block game and engine (read: kind of like tetris) that uses artificial intelligence to give you terrible shapes. find it on maven central.

0mino: site

fork of the nullpomino project, since diverged so extensively that the two are wholly incompatible. something like 70% of the code has been rewritten, minus most of the suck.

simplex repaginator: site

utility for people who need to scan double-sided documents but have only a single-sided document-feeding scanner.


functional programming library for java drawing concepts from jruby and clojure. find it on maven central.

mmmQ: site

simple and fast message queue using a publish/subscribe model for transferring byte arrays. thoroughly parallelized. topics are composed of a channel string and any number of argument strings; mmmQ runs each topic channel on a separate pair of TCP/UDP sockets to further reduce server processing time.